Dear CAL FIRE Riverside & Local 2881 Members, Family and Friends,

Believe it or not the Christmas season is upon us once again. The Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund, with the support of CAL FIRE Riverside County Fire Chief, Shawn C. Newman has always taken an interest in helping others. We have established a tradition that has become extremely fulfilling and rewarding over the years. “Shop with a Firefighter”. This is your opportunity to help children in need.

Through a carefully selected screening process set forth by the Riverside County Child Protective Services Department, our goal is to partner firefighters with a minimum of 100 children. Each youth will receive a $250.00 gift card of which $200.00 must be used to purchase clothing, school supplies or personal necessities. The remaining $50.00 may go towards toys, personal interest or gifts for their family. Any remaining funds will be returned to the benevolent fund.

This year’s events will be held at the Eastvale, Menifee and La Quinta Target Stores. On December 13th, 14th and 15th we will need CAL FIRE Riverside & Local 2881 members to help partner with youth to act as chaperones for these events. All CAL FIRE Riverside & Local 2881 members willing to act as chaperones will need to contact that days event coordinator. Firefighters need to arrive at their designated location on the day of the event with most events lasting 2-3 hours.

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Happy Holidays,
Gad Amith