Riverside County
Professional Firefighters
Benevolent Fund

100% of Donations, made directly to the fund, via our mailing address and or via our web page go into our fund, with no fees going to companies under contract unless indicated.

General Donations:

The Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund is proud to support the firefighters and cooperators in Riverside County.  The firefighters of Riverside County provide fire and EMS services to one of the largest counties in California.  It is the goal of the Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund to be able to support those men and women in their time of need.  The Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a 501c3 (Non Profit) and is comprised of a board of elected individuals, from CALFIRE Local 2881.  The Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund not only supports the firefighters of Riverside County, it also supports other nonprofit originations that are affiliated with the fire service, such as cancer research and the burn institutes.  The Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund has also aligned itself with CDF Firefighters Riverside Chapter Employees Association a 501c4, to help support the organizations that are directly represented by its membership, such as, diabetes and cancer research, RAGNAR and several sporting teams that are directly comprised of CALFIRE Local 2881 members.  These teams intern, also raise funds for other nonprofit organizations represented by the fire community.  In addition to direct assistance to the firefighting community and other non-profits, we have aligned ourselves with financial organizations to assist our members with their other financial needs.

Our funding comes from several sources.  The Riverside County Professional Firefights Benevolent Fund has entered into commercial fundraising contracts with different firms.  Firms are under non exclusive contracts and receive fees for their service that are commensurate with the services they provide and the projected outlays the fund would incur if it was to undertake the same efforts for fundraising.  Companies are required to present themselves in a professional manner when dealing with the public, they must state who they are working for; have a company ID stating their companies name and that they are  certified as a fundraising company by the Attorney General’s Office.  The company that is currently under contract is Associated Programs Inc.  Companies conduct telemarketing and direct mailing campaigns on behalf of the fund.   In addition to our contractual fundraisers the fund also does direct corporate fundraising activates.  Both corporate and private donations can also be made via our web page at www.RCPFBF.com using the benevolent pull down tab.  We are also working on developing other social media donation locations.   Additionally, we are working on other fundraising events such as our annual “Shop with a Firefighter” event, which pairs children in custody of Riverside Co. Protective Services with Firefighters for a Holiday Shopping event. The newest fundraiser is the “Bacon Fund”, we are sponsoring an underprivileged youth through a local county high schools FFA program, to raise and show a pig at this year’s Perris Fair.  Usually the pig is auctioned off, but in our case the pig will be processed and each half of the pig will be raffled off, allowing the youth to complete the production cycle.

Commercial Fundraising Letters:

General Fundraising Letter

Commercial Fundraiser Recognition Certificate

2016 Shop with a Firefighter Letter

Donate after a commercial fundraising contact.

by using this link our commercial fundraiser will receive credit for your donation.

Current RCPFBF Fundraisers:

January through  September :  General Solicitation: Direct and indirect solicitation by the RCPFBF and commercial contract companies, via all types of media including written, telephone and internet.

July through Early October:   Bacon Fund: Direct Solicitation thru tickets sales via the RCPFBF Board Members; fund representatives and the RCPFBF web page.

September through December:  Shop with a Firefighter: Direct and indirect solicitation by the RCPFBF and commercial contract companies, via all types of media including written, telephone and internet.

On Line Shopping Donations:

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Media Items:

In an effort to continue to provide a fiscally sound fund, the RCPFBF has developed a media campaign to bring your benevolent fund to every station. Over the next several weeks the fund will be distributing an informational postcard and holder to every fire station in Riverside County and the 21 contract Cities that CALFIRE Local 2881 Members Serve. We ask that you place the holder in your watch office. The intent of the postcards are to let the community know that we have a benevolent fund and that it serves you. Obtaining additional postcards is simple, just email [email protected] and request them.

To make a Donation with 100% going to RCPFBF:

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Contact Information:

Mathew Brandt

Dir. of  Finance

[email protected] 

Mailing Address: RCPFBF, 21160 Box Springs Rd, Suite 105, Moreno Valley, CA 92557