CALFIRE Local 2881 – District VI – Riverside

The Riverside District is approximately 1400 members strong. Cal Fire L2881 is affiliated with CPF and IAFF. Our members are afforded opportunities within Riverside County that is both complex and diverse. Our members are tasked with fulfilling many positions depending on their rank.
Cal Fire L2881 work various unique schedules We have two separate firefighter classes. We have Firefighter I’s and Firefighter II’s. Both are considered an entry-level position, but the Firefighter I was originally designed as a temporary position for Fire Season only. These firefighters typically work for nine months and are then laid off for the other three months. They also work three days on and have four days off.
The RCOFD operates 100 fire stations in 15 battalions, providing fire suppression, emergency medical, rescue, and fire prevention services. The equipment used by the department has the versatility to respond to both urban and wildland emergency conditions. The RCOFD inventory includes Type I fire engines, rural engines, brush engines, trucks, tillers, paramedic units, a helicopter, hazardous materials unit, incident command units, water tenders, fire crew vehicles, mobile communications centers, breathing support units, fire dozers, and mobile emergency feeding units.
Riverside County once started mainly as a Wildland Fire Department. We have grown into a Fire Department that meets and in many instances exceeds the services that any large municipal fire department can provide. The growth of our county has been explosive over the last decade, which has dictated that we elevate our services to the citizens that both reside and work within our service area.

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